Most of the folks devote their hard earned money and savings into various investment vehicles, such as the mutual funds, since they want to beat the inflation. But if you choose to save your money by burying it in jars in your back yard or by stuffing it under your bed mattress, you are most probably going be to defeated by inflation because the cost of living continues to grows but the value of your money does not (even though you may have “planted” it in the ground)! And in fact, you are likely to lose to inflation even if you save your money in a bank account or Certificate of Deposit (CD).

For instance, the average historical rate of inflation is roughly around 3.40 percent. Let us consider you are feeling financially responsible and putting your hard earned money into a CD (Certificate of Deposit), earning 2.00%, at the local bank. By doing some quick mathematics, you can easily calculate difference (3.40 – 2.00 = 1.40) and see that you are still losing to inflation by 1.40 percent.

Moreover, all this calculation does not even take into account the effect of taxes on your saved money, which would reduce your actual rate of interest (after inflation & taxes) to roughly 0.10 percent, assuming a top federal tax rate of 25 percent. Hence, in an environment of low interest rate, you can save money in a CD (Certificate of Deposit), but still value because of inflation and taxes – you are doing what is generally called “losing money safely”. The finest platform chosen by most of the people in an attempt to beat the inflation, to achieve returns averaging around 3.40 percent, is to invest in some combo of the stock and bond mutual funds.


Building a mutual fund portfolio is similar to building a house. There are so many kinds of plans, strategies, tools and building materials but each structure shares some basic features.

In order to build the best portfolio of mutual funds, you need to go beyond the sage advice, “do not put all your eggs in one basket”. A structure that can withstand the test of time needs a smart design, a strong foundation along with a simple yet effective combination of mutual funds that your well for the investor’s needs.


Diversification with the mutual funds is more than just putting all your eggs into different baskets. Most of the investors of mutual funds commit a common mistake of believing that spreading money among several mutual funds means they have an adequately diversified portfolio. But, different here does not imply diverse. The investors should make sure to have exposure to different categories of mutual funds.


As the name clearly suggests, the growth stock mutual funds basically perform best in the mature stages of the fund, such as inflationary periods, of a market cycle when the economy is growing at a healthy rate. The growth plan is clearly reflecting what the companies, the consumers, as well as the investors are all doing simultaneously in healthy economies. They all are gaining increasingly higher expectations of future growth and spending more money to do it.


Whenever the inflation intensifies, the value of the US dollar may fall. Hence, at the time when the inflation intensifies, the foreign stock funds can turn out as an automatic hedge because the money invested in foreign currencies is translated into more dollars at home.


The bond funds are likely to lose their value in the inflationary environments as the bond prices move in exactly the contradictory direction as rates of interest, which rise along with inflation. But, an experienced investor will still diversify with bond funds and will, therefore, find the best bond funds for rising interest rates:


The growing rates of interests cause the values of the bonds to go down significantly. But the extended the period of maturity, the more prices will drop. Hence, the shorter maturities will perform better in a rising interest rate environment.


Though the maturities are longer with the intermediate term bonds, no investor can really tell what interest rates and inflation will do. For instance, even the best of fund managers supposed inflation would come back in the year 2011, which would bring along higher rates of interests and make short-term bonds more attractive. They were completely wrong and fund managers lost to index funds.


The Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) or simply called Inflation Protected Bonds can do really well just ahead and during inflationary environments, which often overlap with rising rates of interests and growing economies.


When the rates of interests are rising, the investors of mutual funds wanting the relative safety of the Certificate of Deposits or CDs may choose to go with a ladder approach, which means the new CD’s with short redemption periods, such as one year or less, and are bought periodically, such as once a month or once in every few months, in order to capture the higher rates as they rise. 

The basic principle behind this is to climb the figurative ladder progressively higher. After a period of few months, the investor’s newest CD or Certificate of Deposit will likely receive the highest rate. And whenever the rates of interests seem to be stabilizing, the investors may consider locking in the higher rates for longer holding periods.

Mountain Bike Ratings – A Boon For Mountain Bicycle Purchasers

The appeal of the sport of mountain cycling has brought an upward rise in the mtb market. Just like any other item, mountain bicycle too is ranked and these ratings can help a biker, whether a learner or a professional, to decide on the right bike for himself. Comparing scores and matching it with your requirements and capability should help you choose the right option if you are on the lookout for a brand-new bike.

The appeal of the sport of mountain biking has actually brought an upward surge in the mountain bicycle market. Similar to any other item, mountain bikes to are rated and these rankings can help a cyclist, whether a learner or an expert, to choose the top mountain bikes under 1000 for himself. Comparing scores and matching it with your requirements and capacity ought to assist you to choose the right option if you are on the lookout for a brand-new bike.

The mountain bike and the security types of equipment play a major function in making this sport a little bit safer. Selecting the ideal bike can be a complicated job for beginners and this is where mountain bike scores can be of major assistance.

Just like each item, it’s crucial that you take a well-informed decision prior to finalizing the choice and purchase of your mountain bike. To accomplish this you have to research for additional information on the different readily available alternatives and the mountain bike rankings.

Mountain Bikes and their Ratings

Because rankings are like reviews and might differ from source to source, it’s wise to go through numerous mountain bike rankings before your finalize your option. Thus if a particular mountain bicycle is ranked as the best by one source, there may be another source which may have an average or not so great view of the bike.

If you are looking for a long-lasting and sturdy mountain bicycle then GT Avalanche is a popular choice. You will need a financial investment of $1,000 for this bike but rest assured that this will be a good financial investment considering that the bike is a choice of lots of mountain bikers and is even rated at 4 stars out of a grading of 5 since of its durability and rough and tough image.

If you are a learner and want to purchase a bike which needs to not harm your pocket too much and should likewise pulling through your preliminary falls and difficulties as a learner, then Schwinn Mesa need to be your final pick. The Schwinn Mesa has a typical score of 3.5 stars out of 5 and is an excellent learner’s bike and costs around $250.

The GMC Sport is a strong competitor and is popular not only due to its sturdiness and durability but likewise for its chic image. Typical Bikers choose the GMC Sport because they can utilize it well even on rough flights then can conserve cash by trading it for a better design in an exchange offer. And at a cost of $250, the durability, durability, design, as well as trading benefits, make the bike popular enough to base on a ranking of 4 from 5 stars.

The appeal of the sport of mountain biking has actually brought an upward rise in the mountain bike market. Just like any other item, mountain bikes too are ranked and these rankings can assist a bicycle rider, whether a learner or a professional, to decide on the ideal bike for himself. Just like any other item, mountain bikes too are ranked and these scores can help a biker, whether a student or an expert, to choose on the ideal bike for himself. Choosing the ideal bike can be a challenging job for novices and this is where mountain bike ratings can be of major help.


L’Accompagnamento nel Blues Moderno


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Un’esplorazione approfondita del blues di dodici battute, dalle classiche ritmiche R&R alle sonorità più recenti del Modern Blues e della Fusion, seguendo un viaggio graduale attraverso diverse tecniche di accompagnamento.
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New eBook: Contemporary Blues Chords and Comping, Out now!

Contemporary Blues Chords and Comping

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An in-depth exploration of the twelve bar blues, from classic R&R grooves to the most Modern Blues and Fusion sounds, following a journey through different comping styles and techniques.

I have written this book to provide a variety of comping ideas for blues guitarists of all levels: most of the material comes from my experience in playing countless blues, jazz, and funk gigs, and hours of listening to and transcribing from the classic records, trying when applicable, to explain with simple harmonic concepts why I use a chord instead of another.

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