L’Accompagnamento nel Blues Moderno


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Un’esplorazione approfondita del blues di dodici battute, dalle classiche ritmiche R&R alle sonorità più recenti del Modern Blues e della Fusion, seguendo un viaggio graduale attraverso diverse tecniche di accompagnamento.
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New eBook: Contemporary Blues Chords and Comping, Out now!

Contemporary Blues Chords and Comping

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An in-depth exploration of the twelve bar blues, from classic R&R grooves to the most Modern Blues and Fusion sounds, following a journey through different comping styles and techniques.

I have written this book to provide a variety of comping ideas for blues guitarists of all levels: most of the material comes from my experience in playing countless blues, jazz, and funk gigs, and hours of listening to and transcribing from the classic records, trying when applicable, to explain with simple harmonic concepts why I use a chord instead of another.

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Recording acoustic guitars

Just recording some acoustic guitars from my home studio for a friend’s project. Really pleasantly surprised by using a sm57 pointed towards the body to get a bit more ‘bottom’…I had never used a dynamic mic to record acoustics before, and it seems to add  quite a bit of ‘weight’ to the sound, so I think I will do this again. These are featured guitars, in a solo piece…it might not work for ‘strumming’ where you just want the presence and the top end to add some sparkle to the track…I guess it’s all about experimenting and judging on a  song-by-song basis. For this particular project I have combined the DI sound with 2 mics, one AKG condenser mic and the usual SM57.

Working on the new blues book

Just a quick update on my work on the new blues book, this is going to be vol 2 of ‘Contemporary Blues Soloing’ and will deal with chords and comping.

Again this is going to start from very simple comping concepts to go towards more complex stuff, not only in terms of chord choice, but also rhythmically.

I might post some preview soon…still early days…

I am thinking ‘Contemporary Blues Chords and Comping’  as a title…again, it might change.

Obviously this is going to be available in English and in Italian.