I am an energetic festival goer. I cherish them all and go to the greatest number of as I can. There is something about the network and unrecorded music that impacts me. At that point at one festival, somebody stole my iPhone out of my hydration pack. “Welp, there goes another $500,” I thought. In spite of the fact that I attempt to not let outside variables ruin my state of mind, this one was difficult to survive.

This started making the best festival hydration pack. That longing consumed in me to where I made propelling GenZ my 2018 New Year’s Resolution. I needed to plan a pack to battle burglary, be amazingly agreeable, customizable with custom printed skins, and lights to hotshot my character.


Why selecting the best hydration pack is important? read out now! I have been an ardent ultramarathon sprinter for a considerable length of time; I am the most youthful individual to run 200+ back to back miles in the Moab 240 at 20 years old. The hydration packs I use for these long-separate runs offer quite a lot more usefulness, and all the more critically comfort, than hydration packs you regularly observe. These packs are lightweight, have agreeable ties, and huge amounts of utility. There is by all accounts a snare for all that you would ever require or a pocket inside a short reach.

Realizing that usefulness and solace were imperative (running 8 hours is fundamentally the same as 8 hours of moving at a festival), I expected to settle the glaring issue of festival robbery.

Festival robbery occurs extremely much of the time. An examination led by Cooney and Conway found that 1 out of 7 festival goers gets stolen from. Its nothing unexpected, PDAs aren’t shabby and even an essential craigslist output shows individuals willing to purchase stolen/bolted telephones for several dollars. This has lead to criminals working in gatherings. One will divert you, the other will square adjacent people groups see and the last one will take your telephone. Some are even so strong as to slice open backpacks and snatch whatever drops out. They are successful to the point that they can take more than many telephones every day and make a few a huge number of dollars in benefit.

Against THEFT

Taking from a standard backpack/hydration pack is generally simple for cheats. The zippers face far from the wearer. Somebody with a fragile prepared touch could basically unfasten the backpack and achieve their arm in snatching whatever they can get their hands on. In the meantime, the more experienced could take their keys and utilize the teeth to rapidly cut open your pack getting whatever they can and after that vanishing into an ocean of individuals.

Knowing these strategies from different web journals, news features, and structures we planned our hydration pack with reversed zippers. Implying that the purpose of the access is safely against your back. This disposes of somebody from having the option to get to your packs stockpiling without you knowing.

To battle the cut and dash technique we developed the RaveRunner with ripstop nylon. It’s powerful against blades, keys, and scissors. On the off chance that the texture had the option to be punctured, it is made such that the cut does not keep on tearing effectively, keeping your resources inside.

We have taken the last planned packs to over twelve festivals and watched a steal really attempting to get into somebody’s RaveRunner.