Gun Mayhem 2 – Online 2 Player Gun Fight Game

With significantly more pandemonium than previously, Gun Mayhem 2 brings back the entirety of your most loved characters and highlights, just as a couple of new ones. It’s double the fun and doubly difficult.

Weapon Mayhem 2 gives players a chance to fight it out in single player, community or online multiplayer. Shooting your adversary off the stage is the objective. Players are given a set measure of lives and sent into their decision of deathmatch or crusade.

Weapon Mayhem 2 is totally preposterous, and we imply that positively. Players presently have seven custom diversion choices, including a 16-level battle and a progression of difficulties to test their abilities. Two new amusement modes, Gun Game Reversed and Jetpacks, give the diversion a genuine lift. Firearm Game Reversed begins players off with the most grounded weapon, with weapons getting dynamically more fragile as players level up. Jetpacks is equivalent to Last Man Standing… just with jetpacks. Need we state more?

We wouldn’t state Gun Mayhem 2 is a tremendous enhancement for the main diversion on the grounds that the first was so much fun. It’s difficult to enhance a diversion that is as of now so marvelous. Notwithstanding, the makers figured out how to redo a portion of the ongoing interaction such that keeps all the well done while including all the more well done. We truly couldn’t request anything else than that. Two thumbs up for Gun Mayhem 2!