I have been teaching for nearly 30 years and have taught hundreds of students of all ages, from complete beginners to pro players as well as college level students, some of whom have successfully pursued a career in the field. I mostly teach one to one guitar lessons and occasionally run workshops in blues, acoustic ad electric guitar technique, funk, jazz guitar and improvisation. I have a degree from the prestigious Berklee College of music, but, to tell you the truth, nothing replaces years of experience both on the bandstand and in the classroom. 

I also teach online via Zoom/Skype/Teams. This technology has improved tremendously in the last decade and I now have students that prefer a web lesson to one in person! Lessons might also include pdf files, and mp3 tracks that I will email you. One of my first web students, when Skype was in its infancy, worked on an oil rig in Kazakistan, and I used to teach him online from England. It still blows my mind ten years on! I have had students form most parts of England and Europe since.  More info on webcam lessons >on this page

For more info on lessons and charges get in touch via the form below, alternatively you can email me directly at “info at giannichiarello.com” (anti spam, you know what to do!)

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