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Spider with a twist

The Spider (with a twist).

This is a great exercise, and I always advice doing this to guitarists that struggle with their left hand posture, or with playing with the tips of their left hand fingers.
The concept is simple: play a 1 2 3 4 finger combination like I show you in the video, and as you have played one note, keep that finger down until you need it again! Do not take it off the fretted note until you need that finger again to play another note. This is not going
to be easy if you are a beginner, but if you do it properly , it will increase the independence of each finger very quickly. Of course, remember that you have to play in a very relaxed way, and if you feel
tension in your left hand, stop playing and let the blood flow back in to your fingers lightly shacking your hand by your side.

Good luck.