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On how to find new and original material

   A lot of musicians seem to have to wait for the magic inspirational moment  to write new material…but as we know, that does not always come very often…and usually it always comes at the wrong time, when you have noting to write/record your new ideas on. Even though there might be moment of your life where you are more ‘in the zone’, I think sometimes you should make things happen, rather than wait for things to happen. This is actually a lot simpler than you think…this is how to do it in 5 easy steps. 

step1. Get in a room with your instrument of choice. Close the door behind you.

step2. Clear your mind

step3. Press record on your recording device of choice

step4. Play for at least 2 hours (maybe) taking a couple of very short breaks, focusing on breaking away from your clichés.

step5. Repeat steps 1to4 as many time as needed to achieve desired results

   Listen to all you have recorded and try to isolate good ideas or themes…I am sure after a few minutes you’ll get to play some good ideas and you will automatically start trying to manipulate them to make a tune or some sort of form out of them. It is great to keep an archive of the stuff you record, because listening to the material the next day with a fresh set of years might bring up parts and ideas you might have missed. Try to do this on a regular basis, after all, most of the work of learning the craft is based on repetition…