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The Legacy Of Ted Greene

By searching inspiration for new lessons on youtube, I stumbled onto this great channel that shares some great jazz guitar videos, and I wanted to pass them to you. Quite interesting those about Ted Greene, some close ups of probably some of his famous private lessons in 1993. This is one of them:


This the channel, thank you to jazzguitarfanatic for sharing these videos:


If you have never heard of Ted Greene you want to find out about him on his tribute site: http://www.tedgreene.com/

He was not only a phenomenal player, but a very influential teacher and author, most famous for his books

Chord Chemistry,Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing, Vol 1 and Modern Chord Progressions: 1, always considered indispensable by all guitar students of all genres (Steve Vai mentions often Chord Chemestry as one of his favourite guitar manuals).

This is material that will change the way you play guitar, I guarantee you.