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Polytune – innovative guitar tuner – the finished product.

A while ago I posted a video of the prototype of this innovative guitar tuner


now this is the finished product by TCelectronic:


you can find the product info on the TCelectronic page here:


This is innovative as you can see you can tune all the string at once. Not only that, it switches between the ‘old style’ tuning one string at the time and the new mode automatically…and it is true bypass.

another promo video:

In the UK this is £75 on-line for now…I am sure it will come down in price once all the brands will align to this new technology.

New Guitar Tuner that lets you tune ALL the strings at once!!

On my youtube channel I subscribe to a few great other guitar channels that are definitely worth watching. One of these is Pro Guitar Shop that this morning posted this video of a new prototype of a guitar tuner that lest you tune your guitar by strumming all the strings at once.


Great stuff…I will be getting one of these as soon as they hit the shops…hopefully not too expensive! I must say that if you look at the TC electronic site…the page is a bit of a giveaway…


Cool stuff!