Backing track companies

Just a short post about companies that sell or make custom backing tracks. Of course to practise you can use our own “MrG Blues Tracks”, but should you need a custom made track these are bigger companies that deal with that. A link is followed by a short description.

A good company that has a large catalogue. Categories ranging from Pop,     
Musical theatre, Party to Classical. Tracks cost between £2 and £4 depending
on normal rates or special offers.

Search engine.

A wide selection but more expensive, £10 per track.

A large selection of midi files, these are not full orchestrated tracks but good
for rehearsal. £4.50 per track.

Very good arrangements with real instruments. £12 per track.

Custom made tracks. £50 min per order.

Mostly pop tracks. £3.99 per track or £6.99 for medleys.

Search engine.

Midi files. £6.75 inclusive of shipping. These tracks are not available to 

Good tracks available to download and mail order. £6/ £8. A wide selection. 
Pop, musicals and medleys.

Great selection of compilation cds. Priced in dollars

Comprehensive vocalist website.

Online music shop. Not just backing tracks but sheet music and much much

Another vocal site. Techniques, tutors, exercises and much more.

Search engine.

Mostly pop tracks. Also offer custom made tracks.

Limited catalogue, but offers a few services. Transposition, arranging and recording.

Very good selection of music. £10 per track.

Mostly pop/contemporary tracks. Good quality. Can have any combination of 
instruments, for example backing track without guitar.

A collection of popular Irish tunes.

Midi files or instrumental track. A good selection of styles. Tracks priced at

A wide variety of tracks with good sounds.

Tracks are priced between £3.99- £4.69. Mostly pop tracks

A selection of the most popular musical theatre tracks. Priced in euros.

A good quality but a limited choice.

A comprehensive catalogue. Approx £10 a track.

£3.99 a track. Mostly contemporary pop.

A wide selection of varied styles. Custom made tracks to order.

Professional tracks. Good quality and a wide selection of styles.

£6 per track. Pop and musical theatre. Available to download.

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