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Shop page Updated

I have updated the Shop Page after a long while! I have added the Italian versions of both my blues ebooks and a couple of bundle deals. Have a look around, feel free to browse, I’m not one of those pushy shopkeepers. Tell a friend though.

Donald Says

I’ve not only been eating and sleeping during the lockdown, I’ve done some bits of writing and this is one of the tracks…just a bit of fun, nothing too deep. I’ve done all the playing/mixing/mastering apart from drums recorded by @__richardp in his studio. As much as I enjoy recording at home, this lockdown experience has reminded me how much better it is to sit in a studio with a bunch of musos and record it all there and then! … This track is called ‘Donald Says’ a bit of a Larry Carlton/Cornell Dupree/Donald Fagen thing. 

New Website

It was about time to update this old thing! People seem to follow Facebook or Instagram more these days, but having a central hub served me well in the last 20 years (my first personal website was in 2001 on the now defunct Geocities) for gigs, press, teaching and selling my music and books. So I’ve updated my bio and tidied up all sections a touch…I’m hoping to keep up with a regular update on here, post some old and new tracks to keep myself amused during this pandemic. Browse around…hope you’re all keeping safe out there!

Recording acoustic guitars

Just recording some acoustic guitars from my home studio for a friend’s project. Really pleasantly surprised by using a sm57 pointed towards the body to get a bit more ‘bottom’…I had never used a dynamic mic to record acoustics before, and it seems to add  quite a bit of ‘weight’ to the sound, so I think I will do this again. These are featured guitars, in a solo piece…it might not work for ‘strumming’ where you just want the presence and the top end to add some sparkle to the track…I guess it’s all about experimenting and judging on a  song-by-song basis. For this particular project I have combined the DI sound with 2 mics, one AKG condenser mic and the usual SM57.