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Allan Holdsworth and Gordon Beck – The Things You See.

I wanted to share a couple of tracks from a hard to find record By Allan Holdsworth and Gordon Beck. The Things You See . This album is absolutely a must for Allan’s fans. He plays mostly acoustic on this album and the musical level is second to none. Just listen to the first couple of seconds of ‘Diminished Responsibility’ and you’ll know what I mean.



Harmonics on guitar

In this video I’ll show you how to produce harmonics on guitar and where to find them along the fretboard. A lot of young players tend to think that harmonics are just randomly spread all over the guitar. They actually follow a very precise series on every string. Just watch the video and check out the following PDF file and you’ll see what I mean.

Printable PDF: Harmonics

Playing with a Slide – Tips

Slide: Hints and Tips

Don’t we all love playing slide? Here some tips on phrasing and a couple of ideas on open tunings widely used to play in this style.

The tuning I use in the second part of the video is what is know as G open tuning, so from the 6th string (low E) to the 1st (top E):


6 5 4  3 2 1