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In ears with IRs+Amp split signal with Line 6 HX FX

In this video I show how to setup a system where you can have a line with a cab IR that goes to your in ears and a line that goes to your amp running at the same time with the new line 6 hx fx. I find microphones quite unreliable in a live setting (they move throughout the set, out of phase if more than one…etc…) and IR’s are getting quite close to the mic’d up sound.

Vlog – Alone together – DV MARK Little Jazz Demo

In this Vlog post I play Alone together, a known jazz standard and talk a bit about the DVMARK Little Jazz…this amp is very handy for the gigging guitarist, regardless of style, if you live in a city it is a life saver! 40w, plenty loud, warm sound, reverb, DI output, external speaker out and many more options…

Custom Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses

In one of my recent videos about silent recording¬†I mentioned I was using my own custom made impulse responses …I decided to make them available to the public as I use them a lot as a preset to record and find them really useful and inspiring to use.

This is the video with some samples:

These 4 custom IR’s aren’t just a straight profiling of a speaker, but a mix of plugins/eq’s as well so I have named them in connection with what I use them for, rather than the speaker used in the IR.


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Rodenberg GAS 828 OVERDRIVE Pedal demo

I don’t do very often pedal demos, but I used this lesser known pedal for quite a while now and I found it to be a very good addition to my board. It’s basically to tube screamers with some modifications,, but the most useful feature is the 3 mode switching…you can stack the two sides, or alternate, even momentarily. 2 bass modes and extra gain on the lead channel make this pedal very versatile. Highly recommended!