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How to record silently at home with a tube amp and a load box

In the video I go through my home recording setup and I explain how to record silently at home using a Morgan RCA 35 tube amp head, a Two Notes Torpedo Captor and a Mooer Radar Loaded with Custom IRs. The reverb is from the Focusrite Plugins Soundcard, but you can have a dry sound as well. This is great when you have to play live or record at home but cannot make any noise. I found that with the right IRs you can get a usable sound and good feel, which is just as important.

TC Electronic Toneprint Pedals

From time to time I bump into something new in terms of gear and I want to share it on the site. TC Electronic has been producing some new interesting things recently, one of these is the Toneprint pedals. Everybody seems to want the classic stuff nowadays, trying to copy vintage boxes or reissuing yet another limited version of the Tube Screamer.  Here TC Electronic goes in that direction, but adding a feature that I had only seen in much bigger units, definitely not is this size stompboxes, you can plug the pedal through a usb cable into your computer and download different patches made by famous artists.

Check out the video: