Exploring My Updated Pedalboard Setup and HX Stomp XL Presets

Hey there, fellow gear enthusiasts and music aficionados! Today, I’m excited to share with you my recent pedalboard setup update, along with some insights into my use of HX Stomp XL presets. As a musician who loves to experiment with tones and effects, I find that sharing these experiences can be quite valuable for those who are navigating the world of guitar effects and amp simulation.

A Constant Evolution

As any musician knows, a pedalboard setup is a living entity, always subject to change and improvement. In my latest update, I’ve integrated some new components to fine-tune my sound. Specifically, I’ve added the OD11 pedal to my arsenal. This little gem serves as a solo boost with just a touch of gain. I’ve always been a fan of a slight touch of dirt in my sound, and the OD11 delivers that character beautifully.

Signal Chain Reimagined

If you’re into the technical details like I am, you’ll notice a change in my signal chain configuration. I’ve decided to place the amp simulation at the end of the chain, followed by a DI box. This setup works wonders when I’m performing for various gigs, such as pop shows or corporate events. The signal from the HX Stomp XL goes straight to the front of house, ensuring a clean and controlled sound. Meanwhile, the signal sent through the send goes to my amp, providing me with that tactile feedback and responsiveness that’s so important in live performances.

Effect by Effect

Let’s break down the core components of my updated pedalboard:

Compressor: Right at the beginning of the chain, the compressor adds a subtle flavor to my sound, enhancing sustain and dynamics.
EQ: A strategic EQ adjustment follows, sculpting the tone by subtly trimming the extremes and accentuating the sweet spots.
Wah and Soul Press 2: I’ve always had a soft spot for a classic wah sound. The Soul Press 2 adds its magic, enriching my tone further.
Gladio Left Side: This pedal injects just the right amount of dirt into my sound. My musical style leans toward jazz, funk, and pop, so I’m not a heavy player by any means.
Lovepedal OD11: Acting as a solo boost, the Lovepedal OD11 fattens up the sound, giving my solos that extra presence.
Delays, Chorus, and Autowah

One of the highlights of my pedalboard setup is the selection of delays, chorus, and an autowah effect:

Andy Timmons halo-style Delay: This delay adds a touch of depth and complexity to my sound, channeling the spirit of the renowned guitarist.

U2-style Delay: A versatile delay that finds its place in various styles, providing a rich ambience to the sound.

Slapback Delay: An old-school favorite that I’m still experimenting with, perfect for those quick and punchy echoes.

Quarter Note Tap: This delay can be dialed in to create spacious and atmospheric effects, ideal for emotive solos.

Chorus: Partnered with the Halo-style delay, the chorus helps me craft an ethereal, almost “self-playing” sound that captivates the audience.

Autowah: Taking inspiration from legends like Clapton and John Mayer, the autowah adds a touch of ’70s and ’80s flair to my playing, giving it a signature touch.

Sharing the Love

I’m a firm believer in the power of sharing knowledge and experiences within the music community. That’s why I upload my presets to the Line 6 community. It’s fascinating to see how different players interpret and utilize the sounds I’ve crafted. If even one person finds inspiration or a solution for their sound exploration through my presets, it’s a rewarding endeavor.

In Conclusion

As I wrap up this post, I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through my pedalboard setup and the thought process behind it. Remember, your gear is a canvas for your creativity, and experimenting with different effects can lead to fascinating discoveries. Whether you’re into jazz, funk, or any other genre, finding your unique sound is a never-ending adventure.

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