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L’Accompagnamento nel Blues Moderno

CONT BLUES CHORDS AND COMPING ITALIANO LIBRO Un’esplorazione approfondita del blues di dodici battute, dalle classiche ritmiche R&R alle sonorità più recenti del Modern Blues e della Fusion, seguendo un viaggio graduale attraverso diverse tecniche di accompagnamento.
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Christmas Sale! Massive Guitar Bundle for $15 (a $137 value at full price)



It’s that special time of the year. At a special Guitar Xmas Sale, at a massively reduced price! Offer valid until December 31st 2013!

All for just $15!

(A total value of $137 at full price)

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This Guitar Bundle includes the 4 eBooks+Mp3 examples, and 72 blues backing tracks from (The New Vol 7 is not included, as part of a separate offer)…


– Contemporary Blues Soloing eBook + MP3 Examples
– Contemporary Blues Chords and Comping eBook + MP3 Examples
– Contemporary Solo Guitar eBook + MP3 Examples
– The Guitar Kit Pro Templates
– MrG Blues Tracks Vol 1 (12 mp3 tracks)
– MrG Blues Tracks Vol 2 Funk and soul (12 mp3 tracks)
– MrG Blues Tracks Vol 3 Rock Blues (12 mp3 tracks)
– MrG Blues Tracks Vol 4 Shuffle Blues all Keys (12 mp3 tracks)
– MrG Blues Tracks Vol 5 Slow Blues all keys (12 mp3 tracks)
– MrG Blues Tracks Vol 6 More Funk! (12 mp3 tracks)

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7 String Guitar Free Blank Templates



I have had a few messages about my Guitar Kit Pro, if I was ever going to include 7 string templates. I am not sure if I will expand that particular product, for now I thought of sharing  three free templates here.

You can download TABs,  TABs+STAFF and BOX shapes for 7 string guitars from the link below. It’s a small zip file which contains 3 PDF files and PNG files.


These are OK to use and modify for personal use, if you do consider making a donation or purchasing one of our products to support this site!  Please do not remove the ‘’ logo or use these templates commercially.