Do you need Music College or just a Mentor in 2023?

In this video, I share my thoughts on the value of attending college for musicians in 2023. Recently, I went out with some friends to a gig, and we started discussing whether colleges are still relevant nowadays, given the abundance of online resources for learning music. Back in 2000, I attended Berklee College of Music, which was a big and renowned institution. However, times have changed, and with the internet, there are now numerous ways to learn music online.

During the conversation with my friends, we explored the differences between going to college and seeking mentorship. Going to college can provide academic credentials, which might be essential if you want to pursue higher education or academic positions. On the other hand, mentorship is like an apprenticeship, where you learn directly from experienced professionals in the music industry. This practical approach might be more suitable for those who want to dive straight into the music business.

One significant advantage of attending college is the networking opportunities. Meeting and connecting with a diverse group of people can lead to valuable collaborations and potential career opportunities. However, the downside is that college can be expensive, and not everyone may find it to be the best fit for their musical goals.

For those considering mentorship, it offers a more focused and quicker route to learning specific skills. Finding a mentor who excels in your desired field can provide personalized guidance and insights. Moving to a city with a thriving music scene is often recommended, as it exposes you to a wider range of opportunities and connections.

Ultimately, the decision between college and mentorship depends on your musical aspirations and financial capability. It’s crucial to be honest with yourself about what you truly want and need. Whichever path you choose, be sure to invest time in networking and building meaningful connections with fellow musicians and industry professionals.

Please note that these are my personal thoughts, and your experience might differ based on your individual circumstances and goals.

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