Elevate Your Jazz Solos with this ChatGPT Prompt!

This is the prompt I have used:

can you give me the code for a program the has these features:

  1. has an input box to ask “How many chords in the progression:” (variable chordsNum)
  2. creates a random combination of chords on the same page by clicking the button “Create chord progression!”. the chord porgression will be created with a chordsNum amount of chords, one chord per bar, chords separated by “|”.
  3. the chord progression should start and end with “|”
  4. chords are picked at random from this selection: Xmaj7, Xm7, X7, Xm7b5, Xdim7, Xmaj7#5, Xmaj7#11, X7alt, X7b5. replace each time the X with a different root note from the chromatic scale, including both # and b
  5. add a line break after 4 chords.
  6. print the results on the same page, so that each bar aligns vertically and there is some spacing between lines, each bar should be 12 characters wide (including spaces and “|” at beginning and end). Align the chords left.
  7. the code should be all in one HTML page, including javascript and basic css for styling, align the whole page left. Use Arial fonts.


I also made the blog post below with ChatGPT by analysing the transcript of my Youtube Video (and making some corrections):

Hey there, fellow jazz enthusiasts! Today, I am thrilled to share with you a game-changing solution that has revolutionized my jazz improvisation practice. As a musician deeply passionate about jazz, I always sought ways to enhance my skills and break free from the usual chord patterns. And now, I have the perfect tool to do just that!

Let me take you on a journey through my discovery of this ingenious software I call “Chordify-Solo.” Inspired by a classic exercise from the legendary “Advancing Guitars” book, I wanted to bring this exercise into the digital age to make it even more powerful and accessible.

The idea is simple: create a web-based application that generates random chord progressions for jazz practice. You see, the traditional method involved writing chord codes for different keys on pieces of paper, then randomly selecting them to build chord progressions. But why stick to paper and chance when technology can make it even more exciting?

With my passion for both jazz and coding, I embarked on the journey to develop Chordify-Solo. The first step was creating an input box where users like you can specify the number of chords you want in your progression. Want an eight-chord masterpiece? Or maybe you prefer a more concise four-chord journey? It’s all up to you!

Once you enter the number of chords, simply click the “Create Chord Progression” button. In the blink of an eye, your jazz-ready chord progression will appear on the screen. The magic here lies in the randomness; each click generates a unique chord sequence that sounds musically cohesive.

But what about the chords? Fear not, my fellow jazz aficionados! I’ve carefully curated a selection of seventh chords, including major seventh, minor seventh, and dominant seventh. This ensures that your generated progressions align beautifully with jazz standards.

Now comes the exciting part – improvisation and ear training. Armed with the generated chord progression, it’s time to let your creativity soar. Play along with the chords and practice your ear training skills. Trust me; you’ll be astounded at the original ideas you can create from seemingly random progressions.

But it doesn’t stop there. Chordify-Solo is a fantastic tool for ear training. You can record the chord progression, save it as an audio file, and then play it back later. Challenge yourself to identify the chords by ear and improvise over them without looking at the chords. This exercise will truly take your musical ear to new heights.

As a guitarist, I was initially the primary focus for Chordify-Solo. Still, I quickly realized that musicians of all instruments can benefit from this innovative practice tool. So whether you’re a jazz pianist, a saxophonist, or any other instrumentalist, Chordify-Solo has got you covered!

The beauty of this approach lies in breaking away from predictable chord patterns, encouraging exploration, and discovering fresh sounds. Jazz is all about pushing boundaries, and Chordify-Solo has become my loyal companion in this thrilling musical adventure.

If you’re eager to embark on your jazz mastery journey, I invite you to experience Chordify-Solo firsthand. Visit my website, where you’ll find the HTML page complete with JavaScript and basic CSS. It’s time to unlock your true improvisational potential and let your creativity shine.

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