Mastering Movable Seventh Chord Shapes on the Guitar

Today, we’re diving into the exciting realm of movable seventh chord shapes on the guitar. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how these shapes can unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to play any major, minor, diminished, or dominant seventh chord anywhere on the fretboard. Say goodbye to the limitations of fixed chord positions and embrace the freedom of movable shapes.

Understanding Movable Seventh Chords

Not all chords are created equal, especially on the guitar. Movable seventh chord shapes are a game-changer. Unlike their non-movable counterparts, these shapes involve only fretted notes, typically around four or five, providing a compact yet rich sound. They exclude the chunky folk chords and instead focus on versatility.

Exploring the Shapes

In this tutorial, we’ll cover four essential seventh chord shapes: major 7, dominant 7, minor 7, and minor 7 flat 5 (half diminished). Each shape is meticulously explained, ensuring you understand the nuances of their finger placements. The beauty lies in their mobility. By understanding the root notes on the E, A, and D strings, you can effortlessly transpose these shapes to play any chord in any key.

Harmonizing the Major Scale

To truly grasp the power of these movable shapes, we’ll explore harmonizing the major scale. By stacking the notes in a specific way, we derive a series of chords that harmonize perfectly within a key. We’ll see how these seventh chord shapes seamlessly fit into the harmonized scale, opening up endless musical opportunities.

Practical Application: Playing a Jazz Standard

The real test of any technique is its practical application. We’ll take a jazz standard, dissect its chord progressions, and apply our newfound knowledge of movable seventh chord shapes. Witness how these shapes enhance your ability to navigate complex chord changes, giving you the freedom to express yourself fully.


Mastery of movable seventh chord shapes is not just a skill; it’s a gateway to musical freedom. Whether you’re into blues, funk, jazz, or contemporary pop, these shapes form the foundation of countless songs. So, grab your guitar, practice these shapes diligently, and watch as your playing reaches new heights.

Remember, music is a puzzle, and movable seventh chord shapes are your pieces. With dedication and practice, you’ll not only solve the puzzle but create beautiful, harmonious masterpieces.

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