The Major Scale on guitar

The major scale on guitar

In this lesson I will show you how to go from the basic major scale down a single string to finding all the notes from a major scale all over the guitar neck. The most popular way to organize all these notes is by grouping them in the famous ‘5 boxes’ so that all the notes are playable in a single ‘position’. A position, in very poor words, is nothing but a section of the fretboard, usually just 4/5 consecutive frets, that you can reach without moving your hand.

Printable PDF: Major scale 5 ‘box’ fingerings

Remember that this is so you understand the concept of finding the notes on guitar: ultimately you should be able to play a major scale starting from anywhere on the guitar.
So try and learn the major scale:

1. In every key
2. Up each single string
3. From the lowest note on the guitar to the highest note reachable
4. Learn them in ‘1 octave mini positions’ starting from every Root you can find like I show in the video.
5. Play them starting from each finger of your left hand.

This, of course, is something you will not achieve in one day, but trust me it worth the effort.

Good Luck!

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