Musician’s Health

       In my experience, I have found musicians to belong to two categories: the health freak and the self-destructive…the first one would never touch a mojito with a ten foot pole, and is always at the gym doing Yoga or Pilates, while the second one is pretty much drunk by the second song. I am not here to preach, but it is quite obvious that a good balance of mind/body is a winning combination to make you a better musician…so there you go a few links for exercises and general health facts to avoid the most recurring music related problems. a good article on types of injuries and how to avoid them. very graphic page on small but great exercises to warm up your hands and keep them in tip top shape. some more exercises.'exercises for musicians' some good stuff on breathing and more. Alexander technique for musicians Tips on how to care for your hands, a valuable asset for every musician. Great resource for earplugs, tinnitus remedies and more. some easy exercises to do when you are traveling and have no equipment. great website on noise level awareness.  another website about hearing awareness backed up by some impressive names.

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